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Home Before Dark by Riley Sager – Book Review

Home Before DarkHuff Post‘s “10 Of The Most Anticipated Book Releases Of June 2020″— is not so much a psychological thriller as it is a traditional haunted house thriller.

home before dark thriller book review

This is my first Riley Sager book and I wasn’t disappointed. It was probably the first book in my life where I had to consciously put it down a few times at night because it was a little too scary, deciding that it’d be better as a “daytime book”.

Told in parallel timeframes, from grown up Maggie’s point of view as well as her dad’s when she was just five, this ever-unfurling story made use of some brilliant haunted house tropes and some good old fashion ghost stories.

There were several shock developments throughout the book that kept the story suitably rolling and the double twist at the end really packed a punch. There were also several toe-curling scenes that had me shuddering beyond belief.

If you’re a fan of Haunting at Hill House, you will just love this book.

What is Home Before Dark about?

Maggie inherits a Victorian triple-storey house after her father’s death. The very same house that she and her parents had to flee, leaving all their possessions behind one night when she was five, claiming ghosts drove them away.

So Maggie goes back to confront the ghosts of the house and discovers the truth is much more sinister.



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