Thirty Days to Conscious Success

Thirty Days to Conscious Success

Get ready to open up to new possibilities and opportunities with this mindset marketing book.


Marketing for small business step by step workbook

The Thirty Days to Conscious Success book is a marketing for small business step by step workbook. It was written specifically for those of you who are serious about success in your

It’s more than a book. It’s a thirty day program to eke out creative ideas and flood your marketing strategy with easy to implement activities that will heighten the reach of your business or services.




Useful step by step guide

Packed with useful marketing information and thought generating activities. What’s more, is that this guide will take your promotional efforts from dull to dazzling in only a month. The mindful exercises and in depth exploration will also prove to be inspirational and transformational journey.

Each activity is cleverly crafted to connect you with your inner self. As well as truly have an impact on your business.

Written with creative and small businesses and services in mind, you will use this book as a personal course to creating and implementing a marketing plan. 

Written by author, copywriter, business owner and marketer, Vanessa Jones. Who has a myriad of marketing experience working with clients across the world in corporate, creative and wellbeing arenas. 

You’re just a month away from business success!


You don’t need to go over the thirty days, however. This is your magical month and we want to make it special— not something that burns you out. By all means, keep up your regular marketing activities but give it a few months before launching back into another Thirty Days to Conscious Success.
Ideally, you will set this up as an annual activity: making one month a year your marketing month. That way you can add it to your calendar and consciously and unconsciously gear up for it. However, if you feel drawn to repeating this a few months later, don’t let me stop you because each time you do it, you’ll be catapulted to new levels of greatness.