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Books for the psyche...

I write with people’s psyches in mind. Even if what I’ve written seems like a fun, frivolous read, my intention is to help you soothe, heal or expand your psyche as you’re reading along. Sometimes, without even knowing that’s what is going on!

I have some exciting releases this year across a few genres: you’ll see more paranormal cozies as well as some intriguing and dark psychological thrillers. Maybe even a non fiction book or two…

And what better way to get to know ourselves than with reading, right?

About Vanessa Jones

vanessa jones author

As well as being an Amazon bestselling author and screenwriter, Vanessa Jones is a professional writer who runs her own copywriting business.

Vanessa holds an Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing and has previously been awarded a commendation for the Qantas SOYA writing category, winner of National Year of Reading short story competition, awarded Outstanding Achievement in Writing Poetry at TAFE SA and a Commendation, Melbourne Poet’s Union International Poetry Comp as well as being shortlisted for a screenwriting residency at Mercury CX in 2021. 

In 2022, she placed as the sole runner up for Script Pipeline’s Great Movie and TV Idea contest.

She also really loves waffles, the colour red, birds and all things occult. And rumour has it that she may just be a witch…

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