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Madame Maudelynne and The New Way

An intriguing short story

A FREE standalone gothic historical story just for you.

Madame Maudelynne was a sought after psychic reader who joined a beloved travelling circus in the 1860s. It was in that very circus that she fell in love with her soul mate. Who wasn’t human.

When her soul mate died, she slipped into a deep feverish fervour. And started channelling an important secret about what was coming… The New Way. From then on, she sees it as her mission to prepare people and the world for the coming of Venus and The New Way.

An intriguing short story for lovers of historical and occult or gothic fiction.
Venus is coming. Are you prepared?


I was offered a choice: to learn everything from her or to continue on with the circus and our ways would gracefully part. This book is clearly the outcome of my choice and my dedication to helping others prepare for The New Way.’

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