Mindset Marketing Book Pack

Get the ultimate mindset marketing book pack filled with 3 ebooks that will see you boosting both your mindset and marketing when it comes to your spiritual, holistic, heart centred or alternative therapy business.

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Get ready to open up to new possibilities and opportunities with these mindset marketing books.

This useful book pack contains:

  1. Promote Your Spiritual Business
  2. Thirty Days to Conscious Success
  3. Tarot for Business


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Promote Your Spiritual Business is one of the best marketing books to help businesses, people and services who work in creative, wellness and heart centred industries. The helpful book has a focus on social media marketing but expands into other ways and areas to make the most of low cost options when promoting and advertising your business or service.

Filled with useful and really simple tips and techniques, Promote Your Spiritual Business book will help you rapidly expand your customers and clients. As well as grow your business the way you have always dreamed.

Market your business and services with ease and a professionalism at a low cost!

This book is an introduction into digital marketing combines a range of fundamental and practical aspects with an overlay of spiritual “hocus pocus” that will get you started in creating a thriving and sustainable business. Read more here.

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The Thirty Days to Conscious Success book is a marketing for small business step by step workbook. It was written specifically for those of you who are serious about success in your business.

It’s more than a book. It’s a thirty day program to eke out creative ideas and flood your marketing strategy with easy to implement activities that will heighten the reach of your business or services. Read more here.


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You’re tired of working in a business that doesn’t feel right. Or, you want to start your own business, but you don’t know where to begin.

Imagine having the clarity and confidence you need to succeed in your new venture. With the Tarot for Business book as your guide, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about everything from marketing strategies and finances, to hiring employees and setting goals.

Get clear guidance on what’s coming up for your business with Tarot for Business! This insightful user guide has both the major and minor arcana card meanings that have been channelled specifically in relation to business and your success! Read more here.

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