Book reviewers wanted

book reviewers wanted

Are you a book reviewer, book blogger or post about what you’re reading on TikTok or Instagram?

Well, I’d love for you to consider joining my review and advanced reading copy (ARC) team. Word of mouth and recommendations from like minded people are one of the most powerful ways I can spread the word about my books.

That’s where you come in!

You can read one (or more) of my stories for free in exchange for an honest review. Either by posting a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog/website and/or your social media platforms. The more you do, the more I will favour your future applications.

To apply, simply head to:

Book review THE TENS


There is certain criteria that I look for. Eg, must have posted some reviews somewhere before either on Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog or social media platforms. And must have a genuine following (that means not completely made up of bots). It doesn’t have to be a large following by any means but I do look at whether they are engaged with what you post/write etc. Please note that you will not be paid for any reviews.

If you’d rather wait and find out what upcoming release I have, please sign up to my informative enewsletter (where you always get free books) here.