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Blogging by horoscopes


blogging aries

You are adventurous, opinionated and somewhat aggressive, so you may lean towards picking a fight through your blog pieces. You’re a wise thinker but err towards being impulsive. Being the first star sign, you’ll want to have done things first or not at all. You’re not even reading this, are you Aries? You’ve already gone off to write your blog!


blogging taurus

As a bull, you have the determination to succeed and your persistence will ensure that this happens, your blog has longevity and your audience will be built up over years rather than enjoying an initial burst and peak in your first couple of months. You’ll enjoy doing this if it’s done the right way; yourway.


blogging gemini

You’re busy and inquisitive and you’ll enjoy the interaction and engagement that you will invite through your words. You are intelligent and cerebral, so you will present well thought out blog pieces but be careful they don’t become lengthy due to your love of long explanations. Editing is the key.


blogging cancer

Since you love your cosy home environment, you will have plenty of time to spend blogging, from the couch of your nest. You’re highly emotional, which will see you composing highly emotive and passionate pieces. This is a great motivator to write but remember to edit and reinforce your emotional pleas with facts, research, stats and/or quotes. There seem to be many cancers in the spiritual and complementary therapies industry.


blogging leo

Accompanied by your authoritative and bolshy nature, you love to shine your light into the world. Blogging may not satisfy your desire to be well known and recognised so you may enjoy teaming your blog with videos, Twitter and media appearances. You’re self-expressive and creative, which are great traits for marketing — especially in marketing yourself.


blogging virgo

Perfectionism tendencies could hamper you from just pushing “publish” or “send” (or delete) and you may find yourself deliberating too long. Sometimes, it’s important to just get your word out there, even if everything isn’t in place first. You’ll be great at bringing in facts and logic into your posts due to your critical nature and your knack for organisation and scheduling will be a really useful tool and will ensure that blogging doesn’t become a drag for you. Just write — stop waiting for your thoughts to be organised enough first.


blogging libra

You beautifully balanced thing, you. You will most likely see either sides (or many) to an argument, which can promote a balanced view but may leave your audience unable to solidify their opinion. Feel free to pick a side to fight for occasionally, let that inner bias roam free.


blogging scorpio

Given that you are honest, have a penchant for the taboo and taking things to the limits, you may want to be hyperaware of your audience. Take a breath, reread your piece and remove or reduce the venom before you hit “post”. Your diligent research skills are a useful trait.


blogging sagittarius

Oh darling idealists! When you allow things to flow to you, you do better than striving. You favour understanding, so you’ll present what you truly know to be truth, which will come across splendidly. You look towards stimulating conversations and you have a healthy sense of optimism — remember not to bite off more than you can chew.


blogging capricorn

Capricorns are hard workers, practical (you probably don’t even believe in astrology), ambitious and matter of fact. It’s okay for you to pepper your posts with emotion occasionally, as trite as it may seem to you. This will foster a connection between you and your readers. If you aim big, you’ll undoubtedly achieve the “big picture” stuff. You are also quite resilient against criticism or opposing ideas if you come against it.


blogging aquarius

You guys are sensitive, which you cover up with a mask. You favour easy conversation, forward thinking and unique ideas and like to express ground breaking concepts or grand ideals. That’s more than okay but present it with quality research and reduce the lofty terms that you may be inclined to use. Given that you are so artistic, intuitive and broadminded; you may enjoy expressing your blog in the medium of visual art rather than words or a mixture of both.


blogging pisces

Hello? Pisces? Are you there? You lovely dreamers have a desire for the impossible, mythical and esoteric. You favour complexity and imagination. You might prefer to write creative prose or poetry to present your ideas rather than nonfiction articles.

You’re very psychic so your posts may be guided or downloaded by Spirit. Be sure to edit thoroughly.

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