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    What is a Psychological Thriller?

    A psychological thriller is a movie or book that relies heavily on physical and mental suspense to create fear, tension and excitement. These movies and books often focus on the mind’s inner workings and use plot twists and unexpected events to keep viewers engaged. Psychological thrillers are different from horror stories, relying on gore and jump scares to alarm audiences. Psychological thrillers are more interested in playing with the viewer’s mind, creating an eerie atmosphere and leaving questions unanswered. This makes them perfect for those who like to be kept guessing. Psychological thrillers rely on the viewer coming back for more to uncover clues and solve the mystery, mainly when…

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    What is Audible?

    Audible is a company that provides audiobooks, radio shows, and podcasts as a handy and easy to use app that is available in over 190 countries. Audible was founded in 1995 by Donald Katz, and it is now owned by Amazon. Audible offers a subscription service that allows users to listen to audiobooks and other audio content. Audible also has an app that allows users to listen to their content offline. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers. Audible has over 180,000 titles in its library, so you never run out of things to listen to. This app has won several awards, including…

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    How A Self Published Book Can Be A Magical Marketing Tool

    I was featured in a great Huffington Post article about writing a book to support your business. It featured my first book, Promote Your Spiritual Business. I’m a firm believer that writing a book can be a massive marketing asset for promoting your business, product or services. I just didn’t stop at one though. “Self publishing my book has a lot of intrinsic value. Now I can refer to myself as an author, instead of just a writer. It’s also been a wonderful learning experience and has given me an insight into the publishing and bookselling industry that I might not have seen if I went with a traditional publisher,”…

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