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    Writing prompts 11 to 20

    If you have burned through my previous writing prompts, pick one or all of the following and write a story, poem or book. Be sure to share your finished story with me if you use any of the prompts by tagging me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 11. A story in which all of the characters are animals, either as humans who have been turned into animals, or animals who can speak and think like humans. 12. A story in which the characters are all ghosts or spirits, and must find a way to cross over to the other side. 13. A story in which the characters are all superheroes…

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    Story writing prompts

    Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or just looking to flex your creative muscles, story prompts can be a great way to get the ball rolling. Prompts can be anything from a simple sentence to an elaborate scenario, but the key is to use them as a jumping-off point rather than something that binds you. 10 story writing prompts If you’re feeling stuck, here are some story prompts to get you started: 1. A character is stranded on a desert island and must find a way to survive. 2. A small community is beset by a curse that makes everyone become animals overnight. 3. A young person discovers she has the…