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    10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies

    Psychological thriller movies are all about psychological tension and suspense. They’re psychological because the “thriller” part of it may or may not happen; it can be psychological and all in the mind. Psychological thrillers try to get under the viewer’s skin and into their psyche by showing something that wouldn’t usually be there: a tense atmosphere created by the sounds and visuals. This type of film is characterised by unusual plots featuring disturbing subject matter, twist endings, and psychological themes such as paranoia, anxiety disorders, and clinical mental illness. Psychological thrillers aren’t for everyone – they’re best watched on your own, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you…

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    What is a Psychological Thriller?

    A psychological thriller is a movie or book that relies heavily on physical and mental suspense to create fear, tension and excitement. These movies and books often focus on the mind’s inner workings and use plot twists and unexpected events to keep viewers engaged. Psychological thrillers are different from horror stories, relying on gore and jump scares to alarm audiences. Psychological thrillers are more interested in playing with the viewer’s mind, creating an eerie atmosphere and leaving questions unanswered. This makes them perfect for those who like to be kept guessing. Psychological thrillers rely on the viewer coming back for more to uncover clues and solve the mystery, mainly when…