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    Blogging by horoscopes

    Aries You are adventurous, opinionated and somewhat aggressive, so you may lean towards picking a fight through your blog pieces. You’re a wise thinker but err towards being impulsive. Being the first star sign, you’ll want to have done things first or not at all. You’re not even reading this, are you Aries? You’ve already gone off to write your blog! Taurus As a bull, you have the determination to succeed and your persistence will ensure that this happens, your blog has longevity and your audience will be built up over years rather than enjoying an initial burst and peak in your first couple of months. You’ll enjoy doing this…

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    Author websites – create your own

    As a professional or amateur author, you have a website already live or are in the planning stages of creating one. Whether you’re one of Australia’s most popular authors or just starting to hone your craft, I cannot express enough how vital it is to have a website as an author and as a business. If you want to sell— books, yourself, products, whatever— then you need to have a website. Even if your debut novel isn’t coming out for another three years, it pays to set up your website now as longevity is something that contributes to positive SEO. Make sure that your website looks great and keep the…

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    7 reasons you need my marketing book

    Turn the tides in your holistic or wellbeing business and begin to make those sales you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to: take your business to the next level? reach and help more people? share your message wider than ever before? ​If you answered yes to any of these then there’s good news! You can consider your frustration over.  You’re in the right place and you have an opportunity to grab this powerful book that will move your wellbeing or therapy business purposefully forward. The only question is; are you ready to take that next step towards your wellbeing career success and freedom?This book holds the key to unlock all the…

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    Book editing tips

    Are you writing your memoir or life story? Or writing someone else’s biography? Here are three really solid book editing tips to help polish your story. Book editing tip 1: idioms Idioms are a colloquial way of phrasing something.  ‘An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words’ denotations would suggest.’ Here are some examples of idioms:‘Sick as a dog’‘Out of the blue’‘Barking up the wrong tree’ When writing memoir, it’s wise to limit your use of idioms. Although this really does depend on your intended readership and what language they use.  Using a lot of idioms takes away from the…

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    Self help books by Adelaide authors

    You might not even be aware of this but Adelaide is such a hub for creative professionals, particularly conscious entrepreneurial women who are wholeheartedly invested in their business and offerings to the world. Those same high achieving businesswomen are inclined to take on extra projects as they are so determined to share their wisdom and message with the broader community than their current clientele through powerful mediums such as self help books. I’ve collated a selection of self help books written by Adelaide authors that are all designed to help you in your business or personal life and improve it and be the best version of yourself.  Align + Attract…

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    Psychic Fiction Books to Read

    Psychic fiction books are a great way to escape reality and explore the supernatural world. Psychic fiction books are perfect for anyone who loves a good scare with stories that can take you to other dimensions. Here are some of my favourite psychic fiction books: The Shining by Stephen King Stephen King is known for his bone-chilling horror stories, and The Shining is no exception. When the Torrance family moves into an old hotel to take care of it during the winter, they quickly realise something is wrong. With ghosts appearing everywhere and evil forces trying to kill them, the Torrance family must use their psychic abilities to survive. The…

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    Why People Love Reading Psychological Thriller Books: How It Affects Our Brain

    More and more the world are reading psychological thriller books and their popularity is ever expanding. Here’s why we, as humans, love reading this genre and what it does to our brains. Research shows that it’s not the content of a book but how we feel afterward that is important. Books, like all art forms, have an emotional impact and this may be why people can’t put them down. Suspenseful books tap into our innermost desires to solve mysteries and experience danger vicariously. These types of stories contain darker elements that naturally appeal to our subconscious minds. That we may not want as part of our ordinary lives. ‘Thriller readers…

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    Madame Maudelynne and The New Way – preview

    Zippy’s Circus was of, but before, its time. It ran under the guise of bringing joy to the families wherever they travelled. But, at its core, it was a business. No more than the selling of fur or farming or stone masonry. Only this business could be trussed up with bells and whistles and flags, literally. What was novel to the circus goer was ritual to the circus worker. The same performances and the same rotational resurrection and destruction. It was not long before the shine wore off and left the workers hollow. But once they were inside the cave of the travelling spectacle, it’s hard to find a way…

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    What is a Psychological Thriller?

    A psychological thriller is a movie or book that relies heavily on physical and mental suspense to create fear, tension and excitement. These movies and books often focus on the mind’s inner workings and use plot twists and unexpected events to keep viewers engaged. Psychological thrillers are different from horror stories, relying on gore and jump scares to alarm audiences. Psychological thrillers are more interested in playing with the viewer’s mind, creating an eerie atmosphere and leaving questions unanswered. This makes them perfect for those who like to be kept guessing. Psychological thrillers rely on the viewer coming back for more to uncover clues and solve the mystery, mainly when…