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    Ads for Authors Online Course

    The Self-Publishing Formula program by Mark Dawson is a comprehensive guide to self-publishing a book and making it a success. It covers topics such as all whilst providing a step-by-step process for authors to follow. Those who have gone through the program have reported positive results and increased success in their self-publishing ventures. Like, I’ve witnessed fellow self-published authors do millions of dollars in sales each year. Of course, it is ultimately up to the individual to assess if the program aligns with their goals and if the investment is worth it for them. About Mark Dawson Mark Dawson is a bestselling self-published author and marketer who has created several…

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    Author websites – create your own

    As a professional or amateur author, you have a website already live or are in the planning stages of creating one. Whether you’re one of Australia’s most popular authors or just starting to hone your craft, I cannot express enough how vital it is to have a website as an author and as a business. If you want to sell— books, yourself, products, whatever— then you need to have a website. Even if your debut novel isn’t coming out for another three years, it pays to set up your website now as longevity is something that contributes to positive SEO. Make sure that your website looks great and keep the…

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    7 reasons you need my marketing book

    Turn the tides in your holistic or wellbeing business and begin to make those sales you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to: take your business to the next level? reach and help more people? share your message wider than ever before? ​If you answered yes to any of these then there’s good news! You can consider your frustration over.  You’re in the right place and you have an opportunity to grab this powerful book that will move your wellbeing or therapy business purposefully forward. The only question is; are you ready to take that next step towards your wellbeing career success and freedom?This book holds the key to unlock all the…

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    How A Self Published Book Can Be A Magical Marketing Tool

    I was featured in a great Huffington Post article about writing a book to support your business. It featured my first book, Promote Your Spiritual Business. I’m a firm believer that writing a book can be a massive marketing asset for promoting your business, product or services. I just didn’t stop at one though. “Self publishing my book has a lot of intrinsic value. Now I can refer to myself as an author, instead of just a writer. It’s also been a wonderful learning experience and has given me an insight into the publishing and bookselling industry that I might not have seen if I went with a traditional publisher,”…