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Self help books by Adelaide authors

self help books

You might not even be aware of this but Adelaide is such a hub for creative professionals, particularly conscious entrepreneurial women who are wholeheartedly invested in their business and offerings to the world. Those same high achieving businesswomen are inclined to take on extra projects as they are so determined to share their wisdom and message with the broader community than their current clientele through powerful mediums such as self help books.

I’ve collated a selection of self help books written by Adelaide authors that are all designed to help you in your business or personal life and improve it and be the best version of yourself. 

Align + Attract by Kerry Rowett

self help books

The creator of Align and Attract and a professional kinesiologist, Kerry Rowett, has authored a book of the same name about getting more alignment within your business (a favourite topic of mine). 

In her own words, ‘this book is really designed to spark your own insights and transformations and… there’s even a beautifully designed journal you can download with all the prompts to help you reflect and take your own action.’

Kerry is dedicated to empowering her clients to create more alignment in their businesses and lives and has been a kinesiologist for more than a decade.

Discover more about Align and Attract and buy the book.

Letting Go by Rebecca Mezzino

self help books

In another thread, Rebecca Mezzino is a professional declutterer and probably someone we all need in our lives.

She runs her own business called Clear Space Organising Services where she is a declutter coach and spends her whole professional realm improving people’s lives. Her book, Letting Go: how to choose freedom over clutter, is more than just a tidy up book. It’s a guide to help you deal with what’s going on inside your mind and offer you more peace and freedom. 

Grace and the Wind by Kristina Dryza

self help books

A little different from the ‘get your life together’ books listed above is Kristina Dryza’s book, Grace and the Wind.  

Kristina is a futurist and trends predictor, which is a much needed profession in the current climate. She is also someone with their finger on the pulse and often shares her insights and transformative concepts with the world and is a recognised speaker.

Kristina has written a fiction novel called Grace and the Wind, which cleverly incorporates her core concepts in the form of a narrative. In her own words, it’s a ‘…modern allegorical novel on how the very nature of life itself is expressed and experienced as rhythmic patterns of energy.’

The Truth of Your Reality by Nereeda McInnes

self help books

Author of The Truth of Your Reality, Nereeda McInnes is another Adelaide author that has a heart led business and mission. Her book provides insights on the game of life and how you choose to play it. And who doesn’t need a little guidebook on this ruleless game that is life?

Nereeda’s book will remind you of your own power and who you really are and uncover the secrets of the suffering and success and everything in between. 

Passionate about self development and personal growth, Nereeda is also a writer, life coach and business mentor. And because she is a lover of all things positive, she has started a movement called One Such Thing, which encourages everyone to share good stuff and encourage smiles upon smiles. 

Relaunch My Life by Juliet Lever

best self help books

Poised as a teaching memoir Juliet’s lifestyle guidebook, Relaunch My Life, is the namesake of her business which is designed to help people redesign how they live and ease them through personal and spiritual transformation. 

Juliet is dedicated to teaching people across the world with her unique workshops that incorporate many techniques to help people rediscover themselves. 

The book offers tips, guidance, inspiration and support and will help you reconnect with your soul and redesign your future.  

Thirty Days to Conscious Success by Vanessa Jones

self help books

It’d be remiss of me not to mention my books, Promote Your Spiritual Business and Thirty Days to Conscious Success.

Primarily, both of these books are marketing books but they just happened to be interwoven with mindful and heart centred concepts that help bring you into alignment with success and promoting your business and message far and wide. It’s ideal for those who need marketing help but want a different way of understanding it.

This list of fabulous self help books should keep you busy reading for the next few weeks at least and once through it, you’ll come out the other side a completely transformed human! 

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